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Review the training content & processes on this page & Ideate how you want to customise it for your roles. 


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What does our training involve ?

Customer outreach

Understand target clientele and how to reach them via LinkedIn & database

Market research

Analyse customer needs and where the industry fails them to create new sales

Products knowledge

Deep dive to learn about the industry, pricing, products, competition & delivery

Lead generation

Generate leads from customer outreach and convert them to clients

Competitive intelligence

Analyse competitions sales strategies and benchmark company to those

Your organisations processes

All custom training that you require from your interns including that of processes

How we train and recruit

Aptitude & communication test

We use our proprietary aptitude test to select only the best candidates for specific roles. 

Intensive 2 week training

100+ hours of training involving practical work that they’ll do during the internship. 

Final assessment 

A final assessment post the training to ensure that the candidates we present to you are job ready & highly motivated.

The fundamentals all our interns master

Mastering LinkedIn for Lead generation

Discovering prospective clients and generating leads which convert

Analysing client types and their specific needs

Analysing industry trends and discover new opportunities for your growth.

A — Z knowledge of your products & the industry

Learning about your products & services so they can hit the ground running.

What our training guarantees 

100% rigorously vetted

Selecting pedigree students who pass our proprietary aptitude tests

Trained to thrive in YOUR roles

Train them in business development and specifically for the role you want

100% FREE — unconditionally

No strings attached. Absolutely FREE training and recruitment with 0 costs.

work ideas for your interns

Use these project ideas to get started on your intern training program or customise them completely 

  1. Conduct market research by interviewing potential customers to identify long term consumer trends.

  2. Conducting competitive intelligence and creating avenues for growth by changing consumer preferences.

  3. Generating demand for the company’s offerings based on prior analysis of trends and competitor positioning.

  4. Create reports for management based on all prior analyses with suggestions and paths of implimentation.


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We’ve been able to cut our recruitment and training costs by 31%. We’ve more than doubled our size in the last 3 years while our competitors shrank. Attrition has gone down considerably for our product management & sales roles. 



Amar Paul Singh

Senior Vice President 
Impressions Group