Hire talent trained specifically for your needs in

product management

Hire for full time or intern roles, without spending anything. Let us take care of all the hassles of finding, training & onboarding your future team for FREE


Pranav Chauhan


What makes us unique

130 + Interns

Smartest minds in India

We recruit candidates studying CS, commerce & humanities from some of India’s best universities 


100 %

Trained just for you

Our candidates end up working for top companies — because of the quality of our training.


₹ 0

No training costs

You don’t have to pay anything for the training & recruitment. You only pay the intern a stipend, that’s it


How it works


Select the roles you want an intern for



We understand your unique needs so we can find the right candidate and train him


We select candidates by rigorously testing for skills, aptitude & passion



Selected candidates go through 2 weeks of customised internsive training


You get trained interns who’re ready to hit the ground running, without any recruitment hassles


Explore all benefits

Hire candidates trained for you

We understand your requirements so we find the right candidate and tailor his trainings according to your needs

Hire without risk

Hire only those candidates who fit your culture, already know the work and excel at doing it.

Hire with ease & peace of mind 

Recruit qualified candidates, with the right training, culture fit, and pre requisites. 

Hire without cost

Get all our benefits, without any cost to you. 100% FREE training & recruitment for your organisation.

Start in minutes with our pre built modules

Get started immediately with our pre built training modules and start hiring 100% trained interns. Select a role to explore our training process & methodology.

Product Management

Business Development

Business Operations

Growth Hacking 


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We’ve been able to cut our recruitment and training costs by 31%. We’ve more than doubled our size in the last 3 years while our competitors shrank. Attrition has gone down considerably for our product management & sales roles. 



Amar Paul Singh

Senior Vice President 
Impressions Group


Frequently asked questions

What all do you do?

We find the right talent for your organization by : 1. Finding qualified candidates. 2. Filtering them out based on your requirements. (communication, aptitude etc...) 3.Training them with all the skills your roles need. In the process, we give you trained candidates who're ready to thrive at your roles from day 1

Are your services really FREE?

Yes! 100% FREE. No hidden charges, no costs of any kind.

How do I benefit?

You benefit by saving hundreds of hours in finding, interviewing, coordinating and training candidates for your roles.

Consider this scenario --> You require a PM. Here's what you do today:
1. Posting job application on sites 2. Reviewing hundreds of applicants to filter qualified one. 3. Schedule countless interviewing and coordinate with them. 4. Spend countless meeting documenting, reporting and discussing the right fit. 5. Onboarding selected candidates with orientation 6. Train candidate for the role, with processes and tools, skills. Etc... Now Imagine working with Leadrr :
You let us know your requirements and the skills you need.
We will do all of the above steps ourselves and give you a candidate who's fully trained and the perfect match for your role.

And we'll do this for 100% FREE.

How many companies have you helped?

We've helped more than 20 companies get talented interns for their roles and taken away their headache of recruitment completely. And we've done this at 0 cost to them.